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We are not Counselors or Substance Abuse Professionals.

We are simply recovering addicts trying to help others that may be seeking help. The goal of Help4All.net, is to provide supportive information on substance abuse and addiction, including alcohol and drugs, in a well organized format. Later, we hope to add sections on other addictions (i.e. food, gambling, etc.) and develop a support network for those that suffer from these diseases. If you have reliable information or links that you think would be beneficial to this site please submit the information to the webmaster for review. All submissions are welcome, and we are very grateful for any help you can offer. Any assistance from professionals (i.e. Doctors and Counselors) would be especially appreciated. As you can imagine there is a mountain of information out there and we can only attack it one page at a time.

Just a Little Fun 

This site contains a great deal of serious information about addiction, but this is not part of it.  So it is times like these that I think of my very dear and old friend Murphy. One thing that he told me in the strictest of confidence that I will share with you today is....



Although all the information provided here is believed to be correct we accept no responsibility for the accuracy of this information. You are strongly advised to talk to your Doctor or a licensed Counselor about any problems or questions you may have.


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Those in Recovery:

Submit you story of recovery for posting on our success pages. Your story could  be the inspiration that save someone's life. You can submit it by e-mail, or use our convenient Success Form.

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